A little About Me

Hi, I’m Vered. My goal is to help you achieve relief from chronic muscular and connective tissue pain, as well as generalized stress and tension.  I use touch to intuitively hear what your body is telling me it needs. My adaptive massage tailors various techniques to help your body heal itself.  It may include Swedish, reflexology, cupping, manual lymph drainage, acupressure, and/or trigger point.   When it comes to massage, I don’t believe in “No pain, no gain”, instead I like to work within an area I call “tolerable tender”, this gives the most effective relief for the long haul and makes my practice a bit different from the others.  when someone says “dig in till it hurts, I can take it” I feel they have become desensitized and need lighter touch to be able to feel their body again. Be prepared to experience a decrease of pain, increase in range of motion, relief of tension and stress.  

Trivial facts about me:

When I am not working with my clients, I like to spend time with my friends and my dog, Georgie (she loves to take her babies outside, one by one by one). She is 3 yrs old & I rescued her a year and a half ago after I said goodbye to my last dog, Penny. Six weeks after I lost Penny, it was too quiet at home so I went to “just look” at pups and of course came home with a new dog. Bean, my cat, is 18 yrs old and definitely the one in charge.  I’ve had her since she was 6 wks old-she was a “Secret Santa” gift!  They tolerate each other well (aka ignore each other well).  

 I can almost always be found in the middle of some creative endeavor to learn something new, whether that be cooking a new recipe, crafting art, reupholstering furniture, photographing the world around me, or investigating the science behind “I wonder why…?”.

Georgie, aka “Beastie” in mid-stretch and some of her babies
Penny & Bean
Georgie & Bean

Header 📷 by Lisa Fotios from Pexels