What Clients are saying

Amazing! I had a bad knot in my left shoulder/neck causing a massive headache. Went in with pain at a 7, came out at a 1! She listened to my pain points, addressed all of the possibilities impacting my pain and gave me take home tips for working on problem muscles myself. Glad to have a reliable massage therapist around!

Tricia T.

“Vered has an amazing intuition that leads her to identify challenging pain points in the body. She is positive and warm. I have brought both of my children to her for treatment. My son (13) has arthritis and responded well to the massage and my daughter (11) has benefited from reflexology from Vered. Highly recommended!!!!”

Jessica H.

“Vered is a caring and compassionate Massage Therapist. She provides an environment which is comfortable, inviting, and therapeutic. Vered focuses your treatment plan on strategies and methods which most benefit you and properly addresses your needs. She is a great listener and makes sure she addresses each of your needs, aches, and pains! Each visit, she follows up with you regarding how you have felt since your last massage and inquires as to what has improved and what areas need attention today. Vered provides instructions on exercises or treatments you can do at home to feel better and improve your condition. When I leave her office, I feel like a new person- less discomfort, better range of motion, and a new attitude — can’t get any better than that!”

Charlotte B.

“I love Vered! You know how certain massage therapist’s just have “it?” Well, Vered definitely has it. She seems to know where your pain and/or tenderness is, without you even having to say anything. I love that she works to improve not just your problem, but your entire body and I LOVE how she will sometimes recommend certain exercises or stretches to help you help yourself! I couldn’t recommend her more!”

Tammy T.

“Vered is absolutely amazing! I’ve been going to her for over a year now, both when I was Pregnant, and when I wasn’t! She takes the time to explain certain things as she’s doing them such as reflexology and what certain pressure points are for. The atmosphere is super relaxing, and she’s not glued to her timer. If she didn’t finish what she was doing, even after the time was up, she would continue to work on me. I have always felt well cared for as she would ask about things going on in my life or how my body has been feeling, and then would even give me helpful stretches on how to alleviate certain pains I was having. She is a gem, and you won’t find a better massage therapist!”

Brittany D.

“Vered is such a wonderful massage therapist! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with her soon. 😀”

Wanda L.